Puritans [noun]

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On his return, he married "Lydia Tindall, of the denomination of Puritans."

The true history of the Puritans of New England is yet to be written.

The religion and philosophy of the Puritans were in this respect at one with the gospel of the frontier.

Plato, like the Puritans, is too much afraid of poetic and artistic influences.

But the shout set up by the Puritans announced to them that their movement had been detected.

Puritans they were, stern and haughty in their ungodly righteousness.

In 1629 Salem, the second colony in Massachusetts, was founded by Puritans.

Paul Abbot's blood was blue as the doctrines of the Puritans.

Since the Puritans a didactic strain has continually appeared in our writers.

Suffer me to say, Sir, that Puritans be of no account in the Court.