Purl [noun]

Definition of Purl:

acoustical noise

Synonyms of Purl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purl:


Sentence/Example of Purl:

Here again they are attached with the help of pieces of purl.

The stitches should be about the width of the needle apart to allow for the purl.

Cast on 50 stitches then knit or purl the same amount of rows as stitches.

(Make all decreases at this side, on the purl row in this manner).

The purl warms the cockles of Tom's heart, and makes him cough.

When you slip, put in needle, as if to purl, from right to left.

Slip a stitch, knit 5, purl the rest, knit the border stitches.

Nine shall combine Straichy and purl wilt and borrowed moans.

The treble stitches are worked in the purl stitches of the circles.

The 3rd row (which is the last) is worked on the opposite side of the chain with purl.