Purloining [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Purloining:

He broke into outhouses with an axe he managed to purloin in a wood-cutters' camp.

He must purloin it before then—that very night, if possible.

The great object is to purloin it by force or by fraud from those who have created it.

I managed to purloin a lantern from the kitchen to light our path.

Did I not purloin it because I was so high-minded as to want to win a game of chess from you?

Why didn't they purloin a beer-stein, quiescent on a japanned tray?

When I did first purloin the Queen's tarts last summer, methought to eat them.

But what could there be in the will to cause her to purloin it?

The discipline was rigorous, and all that he could purloin was a few candle-ends.

To keep up the juggle—well, I know it must be so; but to purloin my name!