Purported [verb]

Definition of Purported:

assert, mean

Synonyms of Purported:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purported:

Sentence/Example of Purported:

The note, written in pencil, purported to be from Joseph Jenkins.

It purported to be given only a few days after the trial had taken place.

But this present case was, or purported to be, a case of a second recapture.

There now took place what purported to be a grand reconciliation.

It bore the London post-mark, and purported to be from Harriet.

The man made what purported to be a confession to Mr. Newman.

The purported interview he published was wonderful concoction!

It purported to be an inflammatory address by Bishop West of Juab.

It time they so identified with their purported quarry – that they held their own kind in contempt.

It purported to show how loyal were the Alsatians to the German Fatherland.