Purposefully [adverb]

Definition of Purposefully:

done of one's own free will

Opposite/Antonyms of Purposefully:


Sentence/Example of Purposefully:

Then the figure moved forward again, cautiously, purposefully.

Every word was purposefully clear, and at the end she paused invitingly.

He came quickly and purposefully, and he was Mr. Schultz—none other.

He had walked steadily and purposefully, with some definite destination in mind.

He set off for his office, moving quickly, purposefully, head up.

It is well to sleep intelligently, purposefully, knowing what you do it for.

Purposefully, therefore, he carried out his original purpose.

How could they have modified life, bent it purposefully to its greatest fulfilment?

It's as if scientific discussions have often been led astray—as if purposefully—as if by something directive, hovering over them.

Its progress will be intelligent only when it works rationally and purposefully upon the problems with which it is confronted.