Purposeless [adjective]

Definition of Purposeless:

useless, insignificant

Opposite/Antonyms of Purposeless:

Sentence/Example of Purposeless:

It is possible for action to be at once intentional and purposeless.

And he thought of his own condition—very hopeless and purposeless as it was.

To take to the mountains would have been a purposeless folly.

It seems to be a habit of Munich trains to start off in this purposeless way.

He went as slowly as we, with an indescribable, purposeless gait.

In the monotony of a purposeless existence, most humans do no more than that.

Our dip into the early history of South Africa is not purposeless.

When we separated for the night, I felt that my going to bed would be purposeless.

It was there in his kindly eyes, in the purposeless fashion in which he fingered his pipe.

Talk was purposeless and commonplace at first, a painful waiting.