Purposes [noun]

Definition of Purposes:

intention, meaning, aim

Opposite/Antonyms of Purposes:

Sentence/Example of Purposes:

For the purposes of this book we may consider Richmond as the gateway of the dale country.

Apparently they had come thither for purposes of conversation.

When used for any of these purposes, they are cut into tiny pieces.

The purposes for which you intend your fruit is highly important.

Like it, they would be thrown and come back to the hand of Taku-Wakin for his own purposes.

The purposes for which events occur in this world are not self-evidently clear.

The weather-cock on the roof has more sympathy with my purposes and aims than you have.

God was his father--this was his house--and nothing must impede his purposes.

It will be found useful for frying, and for many other purposes.

The vinegar used for these purposes should be of the very best sort.