Purposive [adjective]

Definition of Purposive:

resolved to do something

Opposite/Antonyms of Purposive:

Sentence/Example of Purposive:

Causal effects are sought in a sphere which belongs to purposive values.

I understand his inner life by taking a purposive point of view.

One moves in the purposive sphere, the other in the causal sphere.

According to the older Darwinism the lungs are just as purposive as the corkscrew.

Since the ability to live is threatened by this specialization it cannot be purposive.

He wanted to be unanimous with the whole of purposive mankind.

There is a distinct falling off in the accuracy of the purposive movements.

The probabilities are that in their first origin the reactions were not purposive.

Co-ordinated and purposive though they be, they do not come within the sphere of the will.

These are not authoritative, like the former, but purposive only.