Purses [noun]

Definition of Purses:

tote for carrying personal items

Synonyms of Purses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purses:


Sentence/Example of Purses:

A portly burgher was he, friendly of tongue and free of purse.

It is impossible to doubt that this passion is fatal to more than the purse.

Any trifle will serve—a purse of gold, or even a jewelled goblet.

"The purse I have already given you, Edricson," continued the lady.

"If your cask is leer, I warrant your purse is full, gaffer," shouted Hordle John.

It was heart-breaking to her to realise her powerlessness, when he could so easily empty his purse.

She took a miniature from his neck, and I drew his purse and watch from him and handed them to her.

She wanted me to keep the purse, but this we all three refused, up and down.

"You may retire," said she at last; and taking her purse from the table, she placed it in his hands.

A physician's forecast of the disease by the patient's pulse and purse.