Pursuance [noun]

Definition of Pursuance:


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Sentence/Example of Pursuance:

And the linen I shall deposit, in pursuance of your kind hint, cannot be missed.

"You will send them all away," continued Nana in pursuance of her idea.

And in pursuance of the policy of conciliation, Andronicus II.

Indeed, it was in pursuance of it I have been so persevering in my attempts to see you, madam.

In pursuance of the great power and trust we have reposed in you.

Is he down here in pursuance of his inquiries, do you think?

In pursuance of this notion they resolved to watch the likeliest ports.

It was not from a sense of appropriateness, as in pursuance of her system of re-examination.

My first act, in pursuance of this policy, is the seizure of your pearls.

It was in pursuance of my duty that I had been insulted, and I bore the insult like a man.