Pursued [verb]

Definition of Pursued:

chase, follow

Opposite/Antonyms of Pursued:

Sentence/Example of Pursued:

For twenty-three days more Eyre and his attendant Wylie pursued their way.

As M'Ilraith was now in a strong hold, Marion pursued him no further.

A few, who escaped from the river, were pursued and cut down by the Syracusan horse.

Was it but another devilish trick of the misfortune that pursued him?

"Still, I added to the collection to-day," pursued Miss Whitmore, calmly.

"It's the nature of the beast to run crazy," pursued Kingozi tranquilly.

"As you say, the time for fencing is over," pursued Kingozi.

"You know about when this war was to be declared," he pursued his thought.

When he was rested, and able to walk, he pursued his way home.

We went down to the margin, under the bank, and pursued our way along the stream.