Pursuers [noun]

Definition of Pursuers:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Pursuers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pursuers:


Sentence/Example of Pursuers:

It was equally vain,––his pursuer did not falter for an instant.

By his dress he knew that he was his pursuer and Spurling's slayer.

Phineas did not wait, but even so his pursuer caught him before he reached the gate.

He 41 kept on, half-turned in the saddle, watching his pursuer keenly.

Her pursuer was no other than her self-constituted lover, Don Gregorio.

The girl narrowly succeeded in eluding the grasp of her pursuer.

He called out to her, but she was too busy outdistancing her pursuer.

To what end, since he knew well before he started that he had a pursuer from whom there was no escape.

Our pursuer, overtaken by a sort of murky whirlwind, disappeared from our sight.

They encouraged their pursuer, and perhaps their driver, with merriment and cheers.