Pursues [verb]

Definition of Pursues:

chase, follow

Opposite/Antonyms of Pursues:

Sentence/Example of Pursues:

His last letter gives no clue to the track he intended to pursue.

Leaving the two to pursue their voyage home, we return to Captain Haley.

It is sweet and refreshing to pursue our old subjects of discourse.

He could resign himself to his reveries, and pursue them into new subtleties day by day.

It was the only course to pursue with anyone from Denson coulee.

I leave it to your own reflection to pursue the consequences of this principle.

Mr. Merton was too sensible to pursue that thought further for the present.

I can think of nothing else, unless you pursue them in person.

In the meantime the captain was at his wits' end to know what course was the best to pursue.

Good Indian's lips curled silently, and he stepped aside to pursue his way.