Purveyor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Purveyor:

The abbess and the purveyor were but ill-pleased to hear what the old man said.

He will wait, and meanwhile do his best to waken his purveyor.

So this purveyor had neither the knowledge nor the power to bow to the inevitable.

To some extent, Biggs was a maker or, at least, a purveyor of wigs.

After that he was purveyor for the Fleet, and was made a knight.

A purveyor should go round once a-day, independent of the business of his office.

The Purveyor's Department, reorganized by him and her, had been abolished.

Miss Nightingale showed the Purveyor a letter from the Minister.

This is now performed, or rather not performed by the Purveyor.

The Purveyor is supposed to do all this, but it is physically impossible.