Purveys [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Purveys:

Garland, will you purvey another psychic and conduct the pursuit?

From Rousseau's "Confessions," we have not room to purvey further.

Then the king let purvey for a great feast, and let cry a great jousts.

In the vile companions who purvey to his baser appetites he finds no charm.

Now, why should not the Commissariat purvey the Hospital with food?

This he could not purvey, nor was his business management a success.

The cellaress had to purvey 22 “gud oxen” by the year for the convent.

The next matter was to purvey me three horses of the fleetest.

Henry VI seems to have given 200 for to purvey them books to the pleasure of God.

She was so rich in goods, that what the wives of thirty kings could not purvey, that Kriemhild did.