Purview [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Purview:

So these also the Artist will have to keep within his purview.

Philo of Alexandria does not come within our purview as he was not medival.

With this we may compare the purview of a statute, from the Old Fr.

Here was a manifestation far outside the purview of his experience.

The supposed act is outside of its reach of purview and testimony.

Considerations of larger scope did not come within the purview of his intellect.

The purview of this statute, was in the same spirit with the preamble; pray read it!

Once, in her glance, she took me in her purview, and I knew she knew I was watching her.

It does not come within the purview of this volume of reminiscences.

I contend that they do not come within the intention and purview of the statute against piracy.