Pushcart [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pushcart:

It was a case of sendin' a boy with a pushcart to bring home a grand piano.

Anyone hearing you would think we were still in the pushcart district.

There were no plunging horses near—not even a pushcart in sight.

The Italian with the pushcart was haw-hawing and holding his sides.

There was a Jewish pushcart peddler, white-bearded and skull-capped.

If temptation had come that way in the shape of a pushcart with pineapples—we are all human!

There was a window above the spot where he always stopped his pushcart.

An' that's th' kind iv men ye'd be wantin' to tax like a pushcart or a cow.

Fat mothers and babies along the curb, bargaining with pushcart men.

Whatll you do when the cold weather starts in and the pushcart will not wheel itself out?