Pushed [verb]

Definition of Pushed:

thrust, press with force

Synonyms of Pushed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pushed:

Sentence/Example of Pushed:

He threw himself against the rock and pushed with all the strength he could command.

Kennedy and I pushed along slowly with the main lot of horses.

It was pushed to, but not locked, and had no fastening upon it except the lock, in which was the key.

Others came in from the street and were pushed up by those who came behind them.

The boy's hand had come upon a latch; he lifted it, and pushed.

Porter turned into the box, and taking the chair the other pushed toward him, sat down.

"His troubles are past, poor devil," said Yates, as he pushed on.

At length he pushed open the door of a little pavilion, and said to her: "Go in; this is my home."

She ended by laying one of them in a large drawer which she pushed shut and locked.

"Will you take a chair," said Crane, and he pushed the one he had been toying with toward Mortimer.