Pusher [noun]

Definition of Pusher:

drug dealer

Synonyms of Pusher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pusher:


Sentence/Example of Pusher:

His name should be "Pusher," "Advance Man," or something of that sort, and not artist.

The girl, who had paused when he did, leaned on the pusher of her go-cart, studying him calmly.

At the rear the "pusher off" half reclined, graceful and nonchalant.

As a rule, all that a "pusher" or distributor can tell is where he got the bad money.

Barry, the "pusher" (under foreman), waved his outstretched hand.

He spent every cent he had to get one made and put on his pusher.

The other has the propeller in the rear, and that is the pusher type.

The point C is the centre of the propeller, or, in the case of a "pusher" aeroplane, the centre of the nacelle.

The reason he wasn't around was that he'd taken the pusher down the line to show his scheme to some railroad people.

Then bending to his task the pusher at the rear dug his toes in, while the others hunched.