Pushes [noun]

Definition of Pushes:

physical force

Synonyms of Pushes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pushes:

Sentence/Example of Pushes:

He derives much from Malebranche, and it may be said he only pushes his theories to their extreme.

With faltering steps, Isaac pushes on, and discerns a house.

The momentum of the flywheel A pushes the piston upward, closing these holes.

He turns into a little public house, pushes Stafford along the passage.

He pushes past the girl, and strides into the inner apartment.

"If French pushes him, he may be shut up for a while down this way," observed Hodge.

She grabs Mary's arm and pushes her towards, the door to the hall.

She pushes him into the room so violently that he falls, coughing terribly, to the floor.

He pushes it down over his feet, and then all the top part of him shivers.

First she digs a hole, in which she places the egg and pushes it well down.