Pusillanimity [noun]

Definition of Pusillanimity:


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Sentence/Example of Pusillanimity:

Everybody condemned their pusillanimity in making off without a fight.

The pair in the malthouse might have eluded all search but for the steward's pusillanimity.

He had been able to compare the energy of Fabian with the pusillanimity of the Senator Tragaduros.

Indignant at their pusillanimity, he then escaped to Versailles.

They upbraided their commander with pusillanimity, and even treachery.

Like all courageous people, he despises cowardice and pusillanimity.

But where is there in all this passage the least trace of fear or pusillanimity?

But they might better have died fighting; pusillanimity availed them nothing.

I was ashamed of their pusillanimity and want of faith in the Divine Providence.

I could not get to sleep all night—from agitation, not from pusillanimity.