Pussyfooting [verb]

Definition of Pussyfooting:

be cautious

Synonyms of Pussyfooting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pussyfooting:

Sentence/Example of Pussyfooting:

Converting a pussyfoot into liquid measure with caustic soda water.

Call him a Pussyfoot as well; you cannot shake him from his pinnacle.

Your king of Kusiak has to learn some time that everybody isn't going to sidestep him and pussyfoot when he's around.

It was to have one church, to be used by the various denominations, and to be what is now called “Pussyfoot.”

Are Mr. Volstead or Mr. Pussyfoot Johnson satisfied with the present condition of things in their country?

But that is another story, and might bring Mr. Pussyfoot Johnson on the scene before his time.

Mr. Pussyfoot Johnson has told a Glasgow audience that he is no kill-joy, but smokes cigars.

He had been called many things—loan-shark, skinflint, tightwad, pussyfoot—but he had never before been called a flirt.

It appears that the man called the lamp-post "Pussyfoot," and the latter promptly knocked him down.