Putative [adjective]

Definition of Putative:

commonly believed

Synonyms of Putative:

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Sentence/Example of Putative:

"I am sure I do not know," I murmured, as I fumbled the portrait of my putative uncle.

Laura's putative father, Orsino Orsini, was present at the ceremony.

As of this moment your putative services will be no longer required.

He publishes but one book, of which he is the putative author.

Would you care to hazard a surmise about the identity of these putative pirates?

Maenck was the first to proclaim the presence of the putative king.

It was then that I espied yonder the back of the putative Maltby.

"I wish I never had to do any sums that made more than three," is the putative horse's comment.

She is yearning for the great event; not for a promised land of jerks and spasms for herself, but for her putative offspring.

Vereker thinks of Sally's putative parents, the Arcadian shepherdess and the thunderbolt.