Putrefaction [noun]

Definition of Putrefaction:


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Sentence/Example of Putrefaction:

Finding no matter liable to putrefaction to work on, it acts upon the best qualities of the flour, which it alters and corrupts.

The pews of the congregation are raised upon foundations of putrefaction.

But he did not and he could not know the meaning of putrefaction itself.

It is the month of July, and the weather is favourable to putrefaction.

It was cold and stiff, and putrefaction had already begun its work.

So ripe olives, when they are next to putrefaction, then are they in their proper beauty.

Then we are to find out if that air be generated by putrefaction.

An abominable odor, the stench of putrefaction, greeted my nostrils.

Is the putrefaction of my filthy old carcase on the wind yet?

This is apparent to the senses in animals generated from putrefaction.