Putrefied [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Putrefied:

The corpse thus sheltered from contact with the air does not putrefy.

All the remainder was left to putrefy, or be devoured by wild beasts.

Stay either to putrefy with pleasure or to be embalmed in dulness?

Wounds carefully protected from contact with impure air do not suppurate, and organic fluids do not putrefy.

Thou makest the shells to swell, the wine to bubble, and the corpse to putrefy!

These, beginning to putrefy, were turning green beneath a river of blood.

When the moisture of the breath is condensed and collected, it will putrefy.

They never bury their dead, but lay them in the sun to putrefy.

The filtrate was more ammoniacal than that obtained from sawdust, earth, or peat, but it never has shown any tendency to putrefy.

It contained no urea, could be evaporated to dryness without offence, and showed no tendency to putrefy.