Putrescence [noun]

Definition of Putrescence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Putrescence:

Sentence/Example of Putrescence:

He never soiled his pen in the putrescence of falsehood and incendiarism.

An ignis fatuus, perhaps; a Jack-o'-lanthorn begotten of putrescence.

The air was full of putrescence and the strong odour of foul mud.

The waysides were strewn with dead bodies in every state of putrescence.

The next indication is, to counteract the tendency to putrescence.

What the larva of antiquity ate was live flesh and not putrescence.

You would not have me for fear of pain perish in putrescence.

Miss Van Tuyn was not going to allow herself to be influenced by the putrescence of Garstin's mind.

Where there is danger of putrescence, add a small quantity of powdered charcoal.

The adults discovered in the company of their larval family, in this putrescence which was a Rat, are all abominably verminous.