Putridity [noun]

Definition of Putridity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Putridity:

Sentence/Example of Putridity:

Or is it just a casual result, a mere loss of hair due to putridity?

When they have done their work, sweet flowers may grow out of this putridity.

Rottenness, putridity is excellent for land, but bad for Boroughs.

You cannot avoid the rank products while the putridity remains.

I found him exceedingly weak and sick, with strong tendencies to putridity.

So there are two states—a life plunged in putridity, or a heart touched with the Divine nature.

Politicians as corrupt as putridity itself, trembled and cried aloud for help.

This mixture removes all putridity, and cleanses away dead flesh.

It was carefully washed in water, and still remained free from putridity.

There is connected with inanition a singular tendency to decomposition and putridity, alike in the blood and viscera.