Puttered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Puttered:

The devilish thing about you inventors is that you putter so.

"Oh, that's all right," she said carelessly, throwing her putter to the boy.

Seems's if he loved to putter about 'n' fool with things in a room, like women.

Her next boy, Ben, worked with his father in the pit, as a putter.

Dick was now becoming a biggish boy, and he hoped soon to be made a putter.

It was only Bill Hagger, the putter, with his corve, or basket of coals.

But though I keep it still and treasure it, I have never played with that putter since.

"Durned if you don't look like a man who can handle a horse," said Mr. Putter.

You have papered some of the walls; we can pother and putter about these for a change, can we not?

I told Millington it was a putter, but he would not believe me.