Puzzling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Puzzling:

When we had satisfied ourselves that he was alone, we took pleasure in puzzling him.

This was a puzzling thing, but the excavators studied it out at last.

He remained reserved, retiring, inconspicuous, and puzzling to our understanding.

Sometimes I have thought, sir, when puzzling over it, that he may be screening another.

She saw her way out of the difficulty that had been puzzling her.

Puzzling over what Frank's object could have been, Ned went up to the tent.

Though, after all, what was the use of putting herself in such a state and puzzling her brains?

The hall had a puzzling look of equal nobility and shabbiness.

It had made me understand a hundred little matters that hitherto had been puzzling me.

They had, somehow, a distasteful, puzzling piece of work cut out for them.