Pyramidal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pyramidal:

For data of other pyramidal stones said to have fallen from the sky, see Rept.

Some wanted the whole to be surmounted by a pyramidal capping.

Sometimes each arm produces several smaller arms, and on the head stands a pyramidal groupe of smaller heads.

The other three sides consist of ranges of steps and pyramidal structures.

Many, perhaps most, of the houses had a terraced, pyramidal foundation.

Most of the stones are pyramidal or V-shaped, as Mr. Mercer calls them.

The mountain is pyramidal in form, and is distinctive from all other peaks of that region.

Of the pyramidal termination of its neighbor, only traces remain.

When grown in the open, the crown is pyramidal, like that of balsam fir.

The tail is short and pyramidal resembling that of a female.