Pyrotechnics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pyrotechnics:

It was like some terrible and giant display of pyrotechnics.

There are displays of sparks and glow surpassing all the pyrotechnics of art.

The fireworks were the most gorgeous display of pyrotechnics I ever saw.

The daily display of pyrotechnics of a somewhat more awe-inspiring sort has rendered us positively cloyed with that pleasure.

Think of the pyrotechnics among comets and aërolites some fellows may have!

We have here no pyrotechnics of construction; nor does such a book offer any opportunities for them to the author.

The art of pyrotechnics has been cultivated at Rome with more skill and good taste than in any other city of Europe.

Our friends were now out of reach of the pyrotechnics, and ventured to turn on their lights again.

Their success was immediate, and from these displays has grown the successes of today in pyrotechnics.

They cry for the pyrotechnics, and this is to be superb; the pyrotechnist showed me the sketches.