Quack [adjective]

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The one object of the quack doctor is to size you up and see what you "are good for."

When all was said, a man in the presence of this quack did feel in the presence of a great man.

Partridge, cobbler, astrologer, almanac-maker and quack (died 1708).

As for his being a quack doctor, I see no great harm in that.

As a mountebank, a juggler, a quack doctor—I spurned the very idea.

If no pay is asked for the "stuff," the quack is seldom or ever a loser.

"You're the kind that hasn't feathers and doesn't say quack," replied Mally from below.

Cromwell was mad and a quack; Anselm, Becket, Goethe, ditto ditto.

Quack and Dupe, upper side and under of the selfsame substance.

The Cardinal sent an intimation that he would like to see the quack.