Quackery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quackery:

It may smell of quackery, but it is exceedingly useful to the patient.

Men were fools and liars, and impostors and quackery reigned supreme.

The meanest and most contemptible kind of cheating is quackery.

There is no quackery whatever in mathematics; no % equal to anything.

Did you not see our quack friend apply to himself his own quackery?

You forget also, that in France the age of quackery is over.

Whatever the field of quackery may be, the dupe must ever be the same.

Clearly this piece of quackery succeeded, because the quack had "fund a fule."

By dint of impudence and quackery, I sometimes passed for a savant.

Communistic quackery has masqueraded as sociological wisdom.