Quacking [verb]

Definition of Quacking:

laugh irritatingly

Synonyms of Quacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quacking:


Sentence/Example of Quacking:

No other noise could disturb us but the cackling of hens and the quacking of ducks.

Again he tried to make up to them, quacking softly, and again he was repulsed.

Then, fearing he had told the secret, he ran off, quacking and braying derisively.

See the quacking duck and the distant goose, with dots, letters, etc.

And he called the three nearest us by name, for they were quacking loudly.

It produced also the sound of quacking in the most natural manner.

He saw Alex looking at him curiously, and once more heard the quacking.

"But neither hut nor house can be built by gabbling and quacking," said the Pig.

The swamp was resonant with the quacking of innumerable ducks!

At first there is nothing but the quacking of the ducks at the far end of the swamp.