Quadratic [adjective]

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It is right, but too lengthy to be worth as much as a Quadratic.

It had never been determined if that order was quadratic, cubic or higher.

What does matter is thisI must ask you to tell me exactly why you wished me to work out that quadratic problem for you.

She now began to read Euclids Elements, and proceeded in algebra as far as quadratic equations.

Since the fraction is infinite it cannot be commensurable and therefore its value is a quadratic surd number.

Method: Solve for x as in terms of y, or vice versa, in the linear and substitute in the quadratic.

All I ask is to live simply and sensibly, but instead of that my existence is transformed into a quadratic equation.

Quadratic Equation, an equation involving the square of the unknown quantity.

The quadratic mean of n quantities is the square root of the arithmetical mean of their squares.

The quadratic moments with respect to different planes through a fixed point O are related to one another as follows.