Quadripartite [adjective]

Definition of Quadripartite:

having four of something

Synonyms of Quadripartite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quadripartite:


Sentence/Example of Quadripartite:

The nave has three quadripartite bays, and a half-bay to the west.

Rawlinson says, "A quadripartite division of Alexander's domain was recognized."

The tower-vault has quadripartite groining, with curious ornaments at the base of the ribs, and is supported by two Norm.

The question for the house was whether this country was not justified in abiding by the terms of the quadripartite treaty.

In front of the apses is a solea with a wagon vault, except in front of the small aisle apse, where it is quadripartite.

The central compartment has a wagon vault, the other two quadripartite vaults.

The Vaulting is generally simple, and acute, and usually of the quadripartite or sexpartite form.

The choir has one bay of quadripartite and one of sexpartite vaulting, and an apse.

The crossing has a quadripartite vault, and the transepts waggon-vaults like those of the nave.

The groining is all quadripartite, without ribs, but with plain bold transverse arches between the bays.