Quaffs [verb]

Definition of Quaffs:

drink down

Synonyms of Quaffs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quaffs:


Sentence/Example of Quaffs:

Strollers come from the town to quaff the freshening breeze.

I laugh with them, I quaff with them, I let them rob me; but that's all.

He must beware how he presume yet to quaff the volatile and fiery spirit.

He handed Carpenter a glass and each drank off his cocktail at a quaff.

I rest under the shade of the corozo palm, and quaff the wine of the acrocomia.

Every morsel and every quaff sharpened the craving for more.

"Meet me on the day it is up and let me see you quaff your first Manhattan," he said, laughingly.

Did they quaff it in full draughts or did they inhale it through calumets?

"I am hungry and weary, and desire to quaff from the wine horn," the other replied.

The Prior caused them to be brought in that they might quaff it and show sport to the monks.