Quaggy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Quaggy:

Among other things, he noticed that a little trickle of water flowed across it, and that the soil was quaggy in the neighborhood.

We bore to the south down a descent, and came to some moory, quaggy ground intersected with water-courses.

She pointed toward a spot where the ravine widened into a level strip of quaggy grass and moss which glowed a brilliant emerald.

This is a hospitable house,” said Jack; “but the ground must be quaggy underneath, for at every step the building quakes.

I cautiously approached its quaggy edges, when I was shocked by what appeared to be a sudden vision!

Weston, blinking about him, discovered in the quaggy mould two foot-prints half filled with water.

She listened to the sermon as from a warm nest safely raised above the quaggy ground of personal feeling.