Quaint [adjective]

Definition of Quaint:

strange, odd

Synonyms of Quaint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quaint:

Sentence/Example of Quaint:

And then there are the quaint epitaphs on the gravestones, of which many have made collections.

It was of finer material than most of the "Egyptians," and the fashion was quaint and graceful.

It is quaint and severe, however, and abounding in dry conceits.

Meg and Jan had tears in their eyes as they watched the quaint spectacle.

The Owlet is twin to that quaint little bird, so its name flew to her and stayed.

On they came, wise and quaint, like the half-heard whispers of old-time jokes.

It was impossible to praise it as beautiful, but it was also impossible to damn it as quaint.

Dorothy laughed long and merrily at the quaint ideas of her new friend.

A quaint and charming place, known and prized by a select few.

She was a quaint creature and quite as unconscious of him as though he hadn't existed.