Qualification [noun]

Definition of Qualification:

ability, aptitude

Synonyms of Qualification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualification:

Sentence/Example of Qualification:

But Mr. Darwin's pronominal "we," in this connection, admits of qualification.

He has been brought up to the bar; and has every qualification but application.

The only qualification which she demands is the profession of patriotism.

First of all, I said, consider the nature of the qualification.

Mr. Gladstone talks of an Upper House, with a £20 qualification.

Was there any other seat open to him for which to need a qualification?

The question then arises why is the qualification of masculinity required?

Put your qualification as a resident merchant and as a linguist as strongly as you like.

That is a statement which requires a very great deal of qualification.

I do not ask high schooling, though there you have every qualification.