Qualifications [noun]

Definition of Qualifications:

ability, aptitude

Synonyms of Qualifications:

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualifications:

Sentence/Example of Qualifications:

The Assistant Commissioner of Police had really some qualifications for his post.

The qualifications of his mind were well adapted to his person.

The qualifications for (s)election were willingness, obedience, fidelity, endurance.

I admire his qualifications in that respect, and hope to trade with him again.

He could claim, he thought, to possess the qualifications demanded.

The qualifications above-mentioned cannot fail to ensure success.

The last and greatest of these qualifications had not been wanting.

I have qualifications that will make me better than a better man.

These qualifications affect either the body or the mind or both.

But were these, I flatteringly asked myself, all my qualifications?