Qualifying [verb]

Definition of Qualifying:

make or become ready, prepared

Synonyms of Qualifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualifying:

Sentence/Example of Qualifying:

The difficulty was not of course in letting her off easy but in qualifying that indulgence.

Or was this the kind of thinking that had kept him from qualifying as an E?

My qualifying shares will fetch a couple of thousand at market price.

I was sure of it, and said so plainly, qualifying my prophecy with a big “unless.”

The editor may have expunged nothing but a qualifying adverb.

"He may call for me to-night," she added, with qualifying emphasis.

What is the meaning of exercise apart from all qualifying words?

Better,” Jimmie swore promptly; then he added a qualifying—“I guess.

After qualifying as a solicitor, he remained with that firm for some time.

What meaning is conveyed by the qualifying term “circumscribed”?