Quarantined [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Quarantined:

I did not wish to be quarantined, and determined on evading it.

Then we were quarantined for fourteen days—no end of a tiresome business.

Every case of tonsilitis should be quarantined when there are other children in the house.

They once quarantined a ship because her captain had had the smallpox when he was a boy.

He jumped into the waist of the quarantined barque, and was lost to sight.

If it is smallpox the child would be quarantined with you—that would be unfortunate.

The ship is lying here in the harbor of Naples--quarantined.

To the day I quarantined him for distemper, she and her son had been inseparable.

There was a “pest house” where victims of small pox were quarantined.

If a person has a dangerous contagious disease, he should be quarantined.