Quarantines [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quarantines:

The ship only got to the quarantine ground that day, but in the morning we went to sea.

I left the Plato at the quarantine ground, going to the Sailor's Retreat.

Could you persuade them to let us remain in 'Quarantine,' then, for a few days?

But that is impossible, unless you have broken through the quarantine.

For me, I'm sick of havin' folks act like we was a quarantine station.

The first quarantine station of which we hear was established in Venice in 1403.

We parted from the quarantine soldiers, and took a guide for Hebron.

Quarantine was then in force, and, with my fellow-passengers, I was forbidden to land.

A telegram to Quarantine would get him, up to an hour or so after we cast off.

Why should patients with the "diseases of childhood" be placed in quarantine.