Quarreling [adjective]

Definition of Quarreling:


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Sentence/Example of Quarreling:

I should never have comfort but in his absence, or when I was quarreling with him.

Sometimes when there was quarreling between the clans they would not receive a messenger.

Which shows that the hour had not been spent in quarreling, at all events.

Says your uncle Silas is like a changed man, on account of all this quarreling.

Was it reasonable to keep on quarreling when the whole village was embracing?

First thing I know they were quarreling, then some un got busy with a gun.

Her thoughts seemed to be quarreling with her emotions, her emotions with her thoughts.

We have more serious things to think of than quarreling in our conversation.

Their greatest faults then as now were gambling and quarreling.

The children were quarreling at the well, and the sound of blows could be heard.