Quarrels [noun]

Definition of Quarrels:


Opposite/Antonyms of Quarrels:

Sentence/Example of Quarrels:

"You seek to force a quarrel, sir," said the young man, white with anger.

"So ends our quarrel, then," said Aylward, sheathing his sword.

Very well, then, Sir, you are ill; don't let us quarrel about that.

He cherishes no quarrel, therefore, with his destiny, nor with the Author of it.

The quarrel is not yours nor mine, nor the grievances naither.

Mr. Payne was inclined to quarrel with the Tent-Maker on one score only.

But I believe you want to quarrel for the pleasure of making it up again.

We had a quarrel on the subject; I protesting against all such work.

"No one ever saw me quarrel, 'ladies' or anybody else," I replied.

But this sulky, slave-driving cub must needs force the quarrel from the start.