Quarried [verb]

Definition of Quarried:

dig up

Synonyms of Quarried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quarried:


Sentence/Example of Quarried:

The Derbyshire marbles are quarried all about, and mosaic manufacture is carried on.

Here, too, the granite for building the country's defences and docks is quarried.

The bulk of the quarried stone has the colour and greasy look of raw pork.

Fire, chisel, and hammer at work on these three rocks; but, they are all quarried first.

The cell is formed of four quarried blocks, which are laid one over the other.

At their feet fell the precipice where the limestone was quarried away.

Imagination was the tool with which he digged and quarried his foundations.

They sought no quarried blocks of syenite or granite for their work.

It has a fine grain, and is easily worked; it was quarried in the vicinity of Nocera.

The lava, which came originally from Vesuvius, was quarried 36 at Pompeii.