Quarries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quarries:

And they came like the wind, yelling at the sight of their quarry.

Tse-tse, who trusted me to keep the scent, was watching ahead for a sight of the quarry.

Wrens and sparrows are not too ignoble a quarry for this villainous gos-hawk!

They had probably divined, too, that the quarry was at bay and was dangerous.

But why should she voluntarily lay-to in the very sight of her quarry?

The rocks of the Jason may be seen in any quarry of Warwickshire sandstone.

At the second course they all scrambled like hounds at the quarry.

No kite ever pursued its quarry with a keener eye than we did.

I said, I begin to perceive a track, and I believe that the quarry will not escape.

Sometimes he saw his quarry, sometimes he was only guided by the beat of the speeding hoofs.