Quart [noun]

Definition of Quart:

unit of capacity for liquids

Synonyms of Quart:

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Sentence/Example of Quart:

Take that stuff away and bring me a bottle of '82—a quart, mind you—if you haven't the '71.'

Prepare a thin syrup of a pound of loaf-sugar to a quart of water.

Take a quart of milk, which must be made warm, but not boiling.

Mix all together, and moisten it with a quart of Madeira, and a pint of brandy.

Mix all thoroughly, moistening it with a quart of bottled or sweet cider.

Or you may blanch a quart of ground-nuts and put them in instead of the almonds.

Let it boil till the liquid is reduced to one quart, and skim it well.

Melt a quarter of a pound of fresh butter in a quart of milk.

Measure a quart of boiling water, and set it away to get cold.

Put it into a saucepan, with the quart of water, and boil gently for two hours.