Quartering [verb]

Definition of Quartering:

divide into four equal parts

Synonyms of Quartering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quartering:

Sentence/Example of Quartering:

The fourth act made provision for quartering troops in Boston.

She will strain much less this way than in quartering across a gale.

The toes should push backward, not quartering, to get the most out of the leg muscles.

Yet there were tiny straws which showed that the wind was quartering.

The quartering of a quarter, or division of a quartered Coat-of-Arms.

Dividing a shield quarterly, with the quartering of any of the quarters.

He was quartering, head away from us, and we could not see his tusks.

He'll conjure you up the Tower, and a hanging, drawing, and quartering.

The waterspout was going to hit us, quartering on the starboard bow.

The quartering of humanity—an altar in the midst of the people.